MAKES ENGINEERING can provide custom metal bending services for a wide range of industries.

CNC Bending and Forming service will bend and form materials to your precise requirements. Our wide selection of CNC Bending and Forming tools can accommodate everything from the simplest to the most complex bends for your fabrication project.

Our CNC press brakes bend to fine tolerances, which in combination with our 3D design software, ensures our customers will deliver a consistent and high quality outcome.

Bending can be carried out on a range of thicknesses from 0.5-10mm steel depending on length of bend. For example we can bend 3m of 3mm mild steel.

Metal bending is carried out using our 3.1m YAWEI brake press (110 tonne capacity with 8 axis). We hold a broad range of well managed tooling for all common folds as well as some specialty folds including radius forming.