MAKES ENGINEERING has the people to work with quality, technology and reputation in the market place to help you succeed. Examples of high volume precision metalwork products that benefit from our design engineering process include tanks, electrical enclosures, brackets for earth moving equipments,  vending machines, point-of-sale units, processing and packaging systems and HVAC equipment to name a few. Our team also specializes in drawing of Designer Panels used as Architectural Screens & Facades. In addition to our efficient design and prototype capabilities, MAKES ENGINEERING can easily scale up from a prototype project to full production quickly and effortlessly.

Our Design Capabilities:

  1. Understand and ensure we can meet the customer’s requirement and desired specification.
  2. Carefully manage the initial design phase to ensure there are no delays.
  3. Agree timescales to meet our customer’s requirements.
  4. Provide prototypes or 3D models allowing early customer collaboration.
  5. Produce engineering drawings and bills of materials including supply chain.