We also have 2KW spot welding facilities with a range of interchangeable nodes.

Our highly skilled welders are fully skilled at reading welding diagrams and schematics from technical drawings as well as processing the skill and experience to carry out quality, clean strong welds.

All types of weld joints can be undertaken including butt joint, lap joint, edge joint, T-joint, corner joint, double-V preparation joints, Single-U and double-U preparation joints, make multipass welds and Invisible Welding.

We offer high quality Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), MIG welding, which offers a much faster deposition rate in comparison to TIG welding using an Argon with either Oxygen, CO2 or Helium shielding gases. Our welders are fully experienced with all primary transfer modes including Spray transfer, Globular transfer and Short circuiting transfer.